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Retreats on Sabbatical.
Stay tuned. Thank you for all the host and communities to whom have supported, attended, trusted, and experienced such love & life on this journey. Taking some personal time to support family and close friends. A special shout out to my best-friend, business partner from the original YOLO Yoga Retreats LLC, Anne Havens. You are my shining star, my soul mate, my teacher, my best friend. I promise to use my platform to educate, empower, listen, cry, & laugh about how beautiful and painful life can feel in one lifetime. Guiding with tools, grace, wisdom, and love. May we continue to find a cure for Metastatic Breast Cancer. 

Yoga Retreats

Blair leads retreats around Colorado and around the world. Join the mailing list to stay current on upcoming retreats and events.

Thank you for what comes so naturally to you, the way you speak to us, the ways you cultivate dealing and healing inner emotions with your words and gentleness, the non-judgement, thank you. That retreat was more than I expected, you set the bar high for my first retreat. I meant to point out how powerful our last OM together was on Sunday vs. Friday night’s opening circle OM. Very easy to carry with me this week the things I learned from the retreat.




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