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Blair Vaughn, MS, LMFT, Freedom Coach, & so much more.....

 Licensed Marriage & Family Child Therapist, E-Registered Yoga Teacher, Roller Skater, Slack-liner, Snowboarder, Skier, SUPer, Mountain Biker, Traveler, Single Mom, Trauma Survivor, Discovery in Addiction + Codependency, ADHD, + Dyslexia.  Forgiver, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Divorced, Smile Maker, Dog & Music Love, Founder of #Selflove108 & mantra "Playful & Grateful".

May we feel what we need to feel. May we find support when we are scared, challenged, confused, angry, tired, and lonely. May we practice self awareness with compassion, mindfulness, and accountability. May we continue to ground with prayers of love and optimal health for all beings. Seeking any kind of therapy in regards to psychotherapy which can be done virtually, music, connecting to friends, nature, yoga, exercise, meditation, or what ever helps support you in this time then let's do our best to 'make the time'. Talking, listening, and supporting is crucial for our world. May we connect to ourselves with the best intentions and continue to make the next best decision for the higher purpose. If you, or someone you know is struggling with addiction or relapse a resource for support is  in addition to therapy. Passing these days with a new wave everyday as we adapt to this different way of life for ourselves and our children. 

Blair's passionate for internal growth, peace, and happiness. She believes relationships with others begin with relationship to self. How we take care of ourselves reflects our happiness and truth. One needs to gain internal peace in order to have external peace.

Blair's desire to help others led her to a master’s degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy and a practice that creates a safe, sacred space for one to open up and be heard with empathy, kindness, and compassion.


Blair walked her path of healing from substance abuse, pregnancy loss, divorce and co-parenting. She believes and trusts in therapy and the therapeutic process. It is a supportive outlet to break free of pain and suffering. Awaken to yourself.

Blair studies and practices yoga, meditation, reiki, mindfulness and spirituality. She works with the mind and body connection. Create a deeper connection to the truth through energy, breath, and intention.

Blair worked with a nonprofit called Off the Mat into the World, where she discovered selfless service. This included raising money and awareness for women and children in need through yoga and activism. 
Blair is a parent and believes that parenting can be one of toughest and most rewarding jobs on the planet. There are many different theories for parenting. Blair is a certified facilitator with Love and Logic, a Colorado-based parenting method.

She finds it extremely rewarding to work with children and teens. Blair worked for Excelsior Youth Center working with issues including bullying, self-esteem, body image, trauma, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. She is a certified Radiant Child Yoga teacher who connects with kids and teens on both a physical and emotional level. 

Blair worked with The Eating Recovery Center as a therapist-counselor and yoga teacher using mind, body, spirit teachings. 

Blair is a certified Freedom Coach helping people transform, heal old wounds and thrive using emotional integrative modalities created by Cynthia James.
Blair is a certified Y12SR leader with experience leading addiction support groups. Y12SR groups offer a safe place to practice yoga and talk about addiction and intention.  Blair was the lead yoga teacher for YogaSix Northfield, during the pandemic, supporting, hiring, and training teachers. Blair has been teaching yoga all over the country from Lake Tahoe, California > Hilton Head Island, South Carolina > Denver, Colorado. Teaching at most yoga centers in Denver from  Vital, Yoga Energy, Denver Athletic Club, Anshutz Wellness Center, Om Time, The Oxford Hotel, Kindness, DU @ Ritchie Center, DU Swim & Dive team, Samadhi, Whole Foods, Corporate Yoga ( Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck Law Firm), and in home private clients.
Blair uses nature as a playground for healing. She offers therapy sessions in north Denver (Central Park -Conservatory Green), and also conducts sessions outdoors. Combining therapy with an outdoor activity - slack-line, long board, walk in the park, etc. - can build rapport and create a more comfortable environment for clients.

Blair is a student of growth and love. Blair has a southern accent and a sense of humor. The laughter from the heart fills the room with love and compassion. Blair's passion for teaching yoga comes from self experience of how yoga has healed her on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Combining self-love, community, reflection, and an open mind allows Blair to shine through her dharma of self-love. Blair has studied with and assisted Seane Corn. Blair weaves her teachings from David Life and Sharon Gannon, Baron Baptiste, Mark Whitwell, Nikki Myers, Desi Springer and her own life experiences. Blair has an immense appreciation for all styles of yoga and does her best to shine that love through her vinyasa class with music and a care for alignment.

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